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With so many advantages and comfort, come the disadvantages too.

Technology is being used imprudently these days resulting in affecting the society negatively and complicating our lives.

As a conclusion, there are several positive impacts of technology on our lives but there are several downsides too.

We cannot abandon technology now but we can ensure not to let it control us.

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Each paper is written from scratch and discusses a certain topic.Our experiment tested people's obedience to authority.The results showed that most obey all orders given by the authority-figure, despite their unwillingness.There are few facts about the role of obedience when committing acts against one’s personal conscience (1961).Most theories suggest that only very disturbed people are capable of administering pain to an ordinary citizen if they are ordered to do so.Technology has also benefitted people with special needs by providing them with hearing aids, text readers, special chairs etc.Now they too can enjoy daily life without having to think about their disabilities.People are sleep deprived nowadays since taking their eyes off their phone or laptop screens become a near to impossible task.This leads to problems in vision, cancer, obesity etc. We prefer to sitting, playing games or listening to music instead of walking or going outdoor or performing any work which requires physical activity.Technology has made access to education easier but it is also resulting in weakening the memories of people.Usage of text language often is having dire consequences on students.


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