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Make sure that your data analysis section is not overloaded with unnecessary information that may bore your readers.Moreover, if you fail to consider the needs and academic level of your target audience, you will not be able to produce a great piece of dissertation writing.At the same time, even if you have conducted a qualitative study, it does not mean that you do not need to be attentive or thorough.

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In any case, quantitative and qualitative data must be analyzed according to the goals and questions posed by the researcher.

For example, you have three research questions that need to be answered as part of your study.

The whole task becomes even more daunting when you have a quantitative study.

Particularly when you use sophisticated mathematical models to test your hypotheses, you already know that you will need to go an extra mile to design your data analysis section.

You will have to decide how much detail you want to include in the body of your dissertation and how much of it will become an Appendix.

Speaking of quantitative data analysis techniques, you will certainly need to use graphic illustrations in the form of charts, graphs, diagrams, and so on.

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You will be able to tie your research analysis to the design and methods of your study.

You will be able to provide a compelling argument and prove that you have answered each and every question in your study.


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