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A process is a series of steps that recur and lead to a certain result; the nature of a process explanation, then, requires you to explain the steps in chronological order.

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" question: Why do they enjoy professional wrestling?

Although many people consider vocational education (such as computer training) more immediately beneficial than liberal education (such as a history course), liberal education benefits learners by teaching them to apply, analyze, and evaluate information. " question: What are the ways in which liberal education teaches learners to apply, analyze, and evaluate information?

This experience points out, in miniature, two general characteristics of U. society, the quick embracing of something new and the ability to reinvent itself. It may be useful to you to find the implied question in the thesis as a means of checking and unifying the type of support that you need in the essay to logically support the thesis.

Determining the Specific Type of Thought in the Thesis Some thesis sentences use basic, specific thought types such as process, division and classification, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, or definition, and some thesis sentences combine two or more of these types.

Process thought identifies steps in doing something; it's a more particular type of "how? For example, if you wanted to write about how a misunderstanding escalated into a fight, your thesis might reflect process thought: Misunderstandings develop into fights according to their own special sequence of events.

This thesis indicates that you have a special series of events in mind that occur again and again when misunderstandings develop into fights --a process.Based on a work at Finding the General Question that the Thesis Implies Children enjoy professional wrestling for many reasons implies a "why?Key words that indicate process thought in a thesis are: process, sequence, phases, stages, series, steps, etc.If you have a thesis with process thought, your audience will probably expect you to explain all of the major steps in the process in your support.These theses indicate that you will explain the concept of an "eccentric" in various ways.Key words that indicate definition thought in a thesis are: define, explain, illustrate, etc. A prompt tells you what to write about and why you are writing.A prompt might also tell the type of writing to create and who will read it.If you have a thesis with cause and effect thought, your audience will probably expect you to explain all of the major reasons or results in your support, as cause and effect explains possible reasons why something happened and probable effects of occurrences.To generate support for a thesis with cause and effect thought, ask and answer these questions: Definition thought identifies what something is, what it is not, what something does, how something compares with other items, and/or what other things exist in its class.


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