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They are treated as pariahs, no longer part of the social body.Illness functions several ways in the text, however; it's not just indicative of how America values strength and espouses varieties of social and actual Darwinism.The Angel’s point of view regarding moving from one place to another is shared by a few characters in the book.

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For example, Joe identifies himself as being a Mormon and having a strong moral sensibility.

When he realizes that he is attracted to men, which goes against the belief system of the Mormon religion, Joe is put in the tough position of denying his desires or following them.

Nevertheless, many of the characters find a way to redeem themselves as they seek more self-awareness, practice more compassion, and atone for their previous misdeeds.

Part and parcel of that is forgiveness, best exemplified in Prior's ability to forgive Louis for leaving him.

This does not mean that Prior gives up too much of himself or lets Louis off the hook; he does not welcome him back into his bed, after all.

However, his ability to see Louis's change and his subsequent forgiving of him augurs well for the future of America if we can see this small group as a microcosm of America.The play focuses on the social stigma queer people suffered from, and it also focuses on the ignorant and hostile opinions others had about homosexuals.It also offers an accurate image of how homosexuals were perceived by others, even inside their own community.Hannah and Harper have specific ways they view themselves and how they should live their lives, but both eventually learn to fashion their life as they wish it to be, even if it doesn't adhere to those original frameworks.The Angel’s appearance is closely related to mankind's migration.Many of the characters do hurtful and callous things to each other,whether they intend to or not.Betrayal, secrets, and lies are rampant; relationships and marriages fracture and harsh words are exchanged.Until he decides what path to follow, Joe struggles with his identity, feeling that he should behave in a certain way but knowing that it will go against what he thought to be right until that point.Roy also denies his sexual orientation and dies a painful, cruel death alone.Most characters know his or her ancestry and is a member of a religious group or has a political affiliation or a community.Despite this sense that every character belongs somewhere, the characters in the play struggle to accept who they really are.


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