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"The Jawbones Schema of Edward Taylor's Gods Determinations.".

"Edward Taylor's Herbalism in Preparatory Meditations." (1983): 64-71.

Ann Dudley Bradley was an American writer who was born in the year 1612 and lived for 60 years and died in 1672.

Among her many works that she wrote included the poem titled ‘The Prologue.’ She is best remembered as the first American poet to be published during colonisation of America.

To her Greeks are Greeks and that men should stop waging wars to prove to the women as they have an advantage and they will always excel, all that women are seeking from the men is some respect and acknowledgement for all that they do( Yet grant some small acknowledgement of ours) For even the birds that fly the skies fly high but catch their prey and that men can stop looking down the women achievements then women achievement including her works is bound to bring more wealth to the men by simply acknowledging them.( last stanza) .

To conclude both writers are looking at the art of writing as a means of fulfilling there desires. These has made her to dislike the Greek who through art discovered that there desires can be partly fulfilled by art to a certain extent , but at the end of the day an injured brain does not accept therapy.( the fifth stanza). The poet is intolerable to every nagging tongue that prejudices her hand that writes and scorns at her work just because of the superiority of her works and because she is female. She seems not to be able to compel herself into taking her pen and paper and praise them. To her, it is the duty of poets and historians’ to set the facts straight.In her poem there is a thin line between the facts of history and the illusions of the kings and captains plus their wealth: and there worth will not be deemed by her writing. "Poetry and Praise in Edward Taylor's Preparatory Meditations." (1980): 84-96. "'The World Slickt Up In Types': Edward Taylor As a Version of Emerson." . "'Both Great and Small': Adult Proportion and Divine Scale in Edward Taylor's 'Preface' and The New-England Primer." 28.2 (1993): 120-32. "Edward Taylor's Preparationism: A New Perspective on the Taylor-Stoddard Controversy." (1976): 259-78. Salzburg Studies in English Literature: Poetic Drama & Poetic Theory (PD), Salzburg, Austria. For Ann Acknowledgement from men and for Edward praise to the lord. 1642-1729 American poet, sermon writer, and diarist.A Pastor and a Physician, one of his poems published was titled ‘Prologue’.The prologue by Ann has eight stanzas and each stanza has six lines, the stanzas of the poem have been arranged in a simple and clear manner; while in comparison with the prologue by Edward, written in 1939 from Preparatory Meditation has five stanzas and six lines.


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