Ap Bio Darwin Essay

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And if you've ever seen one of those little fufu dogs that Paris Hilton carries around in her purse you know there's no way that happened in nature.

Something caused that to happen, and so one scientist by the name of Lemark came up with an idea or actually he was just the best one that explained wasn't his idea he was a philosopher as a little side note.

Darwin's Theory of Evolution states that groups of organisms will undergo genetic changes over time due to the process of natural selection.

Darwin's theory says that organisms which are most fit for their environment survive while unfit organisms die, changing the genetics of a species until that species is well adapted for its environment.

He found giant versions of sloughs I mean the size of like a Rhino but modern sloughs are nowhere near that big and you realize hey those giant sloughs might be the ancestors of our modern sloughs. Embryology if you at the development of different kinds of creatures you can see changes as they grow and develop from the fertilized egg to the full juvenile offspring.

You can see how they develop and scientists haven't been able to figure out those with similar development in their embryo stage are likely more closely related.You have a dog with some traits that you like, you have a dog with traits that you don't like, this doggy gets fixed snip, this doggy has lots of pups.And you keep raising the pups that have the qualities that you like.Variations in a species' genetics that lead to evolution often come from mutations.For thousands of years human beings have been interested in the world around them and one of the things that has been noted is that over time things seem to change, there's this process that goes on, in the Biological world of evolution, and what evolution is the genetic change within a population over a long period of time.Now let's look a little bit more closely at natural selection and see what that is.Natural selection is the idea that those who have a genetic trait that increases their chance of having children or offspring they'll pass their genes on more than those who don't have that genetic trait.These guys would wear over a hundred pounds worth of equipment and they could stand up and fight.They were really tough, but they would go off on the crusades for decades leaving their little witty serfs behind saying "don't worry my Lord I'll watch the castle...This is often confused as survival of the strongest, it's not based on how strong you are it's how reproductively fit you are.What's your chance of having your children live long enough for them to reproduce as well?


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