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Amylase is a digestive enzyme that breaks down starch and is secreted in the mouth of humans.Amylase functions well in the mouth but ceases to function once it hits the acidic stomach environment. Photorespiration is favored during hot, dry weather, which forces the closing of stomata and leads to increases in O2 levels within the leaf.A) competitive B) indirect C) noncompetitive D) None of the above 6. Suppose further studies indicate that ascorbic acid is not similar to catechol in size and shape but that the p H of the ascorbic acid solution is altering the protein folding of catecholase.

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Which of the following contribute to the specificity of enzymes?

Include in your answer (a) a description of how you would set up and perform the experiment: (b) the results you would expect from your experiments: and (c) an explanation of those results based on the principles involved.

(Be sure to clearly state the principles addressed in your discussion.) 9. Choose THREE of the following four types of cellular transport.

Explain how ATP is involved in each example you choose.

Unit 5 (Meiosis, Mendelian Genetics, DNA Replication) 17.


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