Aqa A2 P.E Coursework

Aqa A2 P.E Coursework-54
In the current PHED 1 and 3, the exams are 2/3 recall of knowledge and 1/3 application of that knowledge to practical/coaching scenarios.

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The practical assessment is exactly the same at A-level and therefore a centre might consider getting the A-level assessment done in year 12.

As tends to happen now, many centres will produce DVD evidence for most / all A2 activities. The written component of the AS coursework involves the students analysing (20 marks) and evaluating (25 marks) a performance; which could be their own or somebody else.

The theoretical content is again 80-90% the same as now, except for: • Whiting’s Information Processing model • Baddeley and Hitch’s working memory model • Biomechanics units, definitions and equations • Dynamic fluid force, drag and the Bernoulli principle • Vealey’s model of self-confidence.

• Psychological skills training (PST) as cognitive stress management technique • Data analysis and sports analytics So where does that leave us?

The course structure has the same overall weightings of 70% theory / 30% coursework.

There is additional theory content, but the same practical coursework, except that for the written part of the NEA, students must analyse two areas of assessment, 2 and 3.

The content looks vaguely reassuring in that it can be quickly recognised as the same stuff, with a few additional topics, and some departures; sliding filament, distraction conflict theory, profile of mood states to name three.

Coursework is essentially the same, and the idea of a single activity is balanced by no officiating. Will we see the need for the only very good performers/coaches being able to attain the standards required by AQA?

The big question then becomes is it worth doing the AS coursework, because it has no weighting or worth for the A-level course!

Doesn’t permitting exam leave for AS students detract from teaching time for the A-level?


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