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Again Robert will say that’s not fair, but this is not a fairness argument but a collective benefit argument.But in any case our society is not run by economist philosopher kings.

Again Robert will say that’s not fair, but this is not a fairness argument but a collective benefit argument.

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” Read the diverse opinions from experts below: Don Johnson, urban planner and economist: There are a couple of economic arguments for making public transportation free (or at least cheaper than it costs to provide:) The technical term for the first one is “negative externality,” and there are two big ones associated with cars: pollution and congestion.Keeping in mind that anything we do will need money and money cannot be grown in trees.In order to attract both types of riders towards public transport system we need to keep the fare within affordable range of the user groups and need to uplift the quality of the service to match the choice riders’ needs.This can be done by creating segments in the public transportation system,1.A higher service quality for which the fare will also be little lighter as the choice riders’ affordability range is higher and 2.Because economists famously don’t agree on anything I have to point out that there are also economic arguments against making transit free: Prashant Prasad: In my opinion, encouraging public transport is a very good way to reduce pollution and other traffic related problems in any city.But in most of the cases, creating a free public transportation system is not a feasible solution.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. And if there were an additional tax on gas dedicated to relieving air pollution and improving respiratory health (the existing gas tax in the US only pays for roads) that would make drivers pay the cost of pollution and also be economically efficient.But in the absence of those, subsidizing public transit (which gets people to drive less than they otherwise would) is kind of a second best solution.


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