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Antigone believes in the laws of the deity which forces them to follow the rites and rituals for proper burial.However, King Creon believes that the laws are made by man and men are the only people who can change the laws.......

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One of the most significant moments in the play is when Antigone rejects her sister’s attempt to share the blame.

Even though she spent some time trying to persuade Ismene that it was her duty to defy Creaon, as mentioned above, she then mocks Ismene and even accuses her of trying to get the credit for burying the body without actually doing the work! Topic Journal Antigone: Part PREVIEW When you finish Antigone (section 2 of this lesson), you’ll write an essay analyzing the causes and/or effects of an issue, situation, or event in your journal.

Your textbook explains the assignment this way: “…you’ll help readers understand an event or situation by explaining Why did it happen? (its effects).” You can read more description about the essay on pages 752-756.

This paper explains Antigone’s character is the general philosophy of fate that governs the whole story.

The role of the Chorus is to explain what is going on, and they often mention how people are guided by fate, as for example in the words “There’s no release for mortal human beings./ not from events which destiny has set.From this perspective Polyneices has to die, and Creon has to enforce the law, because it is their destiny to do so. Antigone’s destiny is to be a woman and stand by with no power, watching this happening, and mourning her brother and the shame of his non-buried state.If she had truly been heroic, then she would have faced up to the consequences of her actions in defying Creaon.The unity of place stated that a play should cover a single physical space and should not try to compress geography, nor should the stage represent more than one place.The unity of action limits it to a single set of incidents... Full “Antigone” Through the Years Oedipus was the son of King Laius and Queen Jocasta of Thebes who was given to a servant to be killed because of a prophecy that he would kill his father.She is afraid that she will suffer the displeasure of the gods if she fails to carry out their commands regarding her brother.This means that if the story is regarded from the perspective of the afterlife, it means she is really acting out of her own self-interest.Ismene reminds Antigone that “even though your mission makes no sense, your friends do truly love you”.People are much more sympathetic than Antigone thinks they are, and her arrogance is what makes her carry on with this futile gesture, rather than any heroic requirement to fulfil a religious duty.Antigone appears to be brave when she plans to go and bury the body, but in fact she is very afraid of bad consequences in the afterlife.Her religious beliefs mean that she has been taught to place eternal salvation as the greatest goal in life, and proper burial is a part of that.


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