Argumentative Essay On Religion Vs Science

Argumentative Essay On Religion Vs Science-45
Depending on the axioms you choose, another “logic” appears!

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You never go to church to learn at how many degrees the water boils. On the other hand Science is for formulating models for predicting the behavior of physical systems. For example Young’s theories about the collective subconscious are a nice example of someone who is a scientist but does not believe that we are just lifeless set of atoms.

Atheists will try to convince others that Young is not a scientist and that is when you have to remember that science is not only about exact sciences!

And BY DEFINITION, an axioms is something we take for granted even though it is not proved it is correct! Science continually searches for the cause of everything. They think everything is based on “logic” (which as we saw above is based on axioms) and evidence. And intuition is much more fundamental than any other thing!

Everything, from mathematical logic to modern quantum physics, is based on such axioms! Atheists will claim that “the universe may exist just… How can it be that when it comes to the cosmos it stops searching? ) Atheists will try to claim that modern Medicine is a great progress of man and that science is the one to thank for! It is intuition we rely upon in order to formulate the initial axioms we use in science!

Religion is about rules of being good, is about love, it is about faith in other humans et cetera. Science is the “systematic analysis of a sector” and not just measuring in a lab!

It is certainly NOT about replacing exact sciences! When we talk about science we typically talk about “exact sciences”, e.g. There are many humanities sciences which recognize things that scientism-lovers would hate to see under the label “science”.

Most of the times a lack of knowledge on very basic stuff is what makes the difference between someone who knows and someone who thinks he knows…

The purpose of this article is to set the proper foundations for a discussion about religion and science and not to answer every possible question an atheist might have concerning religion.

Even though reading this article will provide you with some insight on the subject, the philosophical basis behind these rules are more complicated and are analyzed in the religion-related articles in this portal: These articles are in constant update and will be glad if you read them and provided your own comments.

Most debates can be won if one pays attention to specific simple things.


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