Astronomy Coursework Gcse

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7th April 2016 Steve Tonkin Binocular Astronomy Don't forget to check his site out for great binoculars resources: return of Steve Tonkin with his talk Binocular Astronomy.

Last time Steve was with us we were in the Pebsham Community Big Hall where the acoustics were so bad that many members did not hear what was being said, so we have another chance to listen to his talk and discover what can be seen with a simple pair of Binoculars, what to look for when buying binoculars, how to use them, what to use with them and so much more.

Within a generation, we’ll see the first real Martians colonising the Red Planet. And will life there be anything like the scenes depicted in Ridley Scott’s new film, The Martian?

This informal talk discusses the early mission attempts and failures; data and images from the first flybys; and the incredible scientific discoveries collected over the last decade from ambitious orbiters, landers and rovers. 4th February 2016 Bob Mizon entitled Seven Moons – seven weird and wonderful moons of the Solar System.

He is buried next Isaac Newton, and Darwin buried alongside him in Westminster Abbey.

Andy Burns Astronomy CV: Setting up the Griffon Observatory in Spain with the late Dr John Griffiths In Tahiti for the 2012 Transit of Venus… After being bought the book ‘Astronomy’ by Patrick Moore in 1961, when he was around 8, astronomy was something that always fascinating.

Thanks to 17 years of campaigning, Mizon’s name was on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in summer 2010 for his voluntary service to astronomy and the environment.

Bob has a great wealth of Astronomical knowledge and a great Astronomy enthusiast.

When he was 13, a neighbour brought home a small and basic (by modern standards) refractor and showed the rings of Saturn, his first look through a telescope. Education, work and family commitments put paid to any more than armchair astronomy until he bought his first telescope 6” TAL2 in 1992. Mirror grinding (he is glad telescopes are now cheap enough to buy!

), Eclipse chasing – 6 for 6 seen so far that lead to a regular slot on local BBC radio, and 14 years of weekly broadcasts followed.


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