Being Raised By A Single Parent Essay

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Being both mother and father can be strenuous at times. The parent doesn't have anyone to back them up in the discipline of the children, or to help enforce the rules.

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All of the responsibilities of the household lie on your shoulders.

Even though single parenting can be difficult, the rewards are far greater.

In a black community it is not uncommon for the father to not be in the home.

There is, also a large number of children who don't even know who there father is.

Financial responsibility is always a big issue in single parent households.

You may or may not always receive child support payments.

In today's society it is very common for a child to grow up in a home where one of the parents is absent.

In most cases it is usually the father that is not present, particularly in African American homes.

But when the parents are involved in their children's lives, are non-abusive, and are relatively happy with each other, then virtually all of the negative effects of growing up in and being part of a single-parent home go away. "Single parenthood in the Past." Historical Methods. When the single parent is forced to work long hours to be able to afford basic living expenses, both child and parent suffer.

Often the single parent turns to family members (and in particular their parents) to assist with child-care. Therefore, single parenting can leave a family in debt and cause the child to be unable to attend the college or university of his or her choice. [Read More] parent families caused by adoption by a single parent and divorce.


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