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My son (senior in high school but dual-enrolling in math) was assigned a biographical essay over some minority in the field of math/science in his calculus class. Unfortunately, this son hasn't had as much experience with IEW as my older boys.

I could use some pointers on where to look for instructions on how to get him started. Communications, High school essay intensive, and SICC-C (but it is loaned out right now.

The ultimate goal of a writer here is to present the most ordinary events that may happen in almost every person’s life in a certain light to create a story that can catch the reader’s attention.

It is not an easy task to do so some of you may be terrified of failure in writing a good paper.

The biography refers to the person you are writing about in the paper.

However, your paper should not be a report on the person.The uniqueness of each person’s life is undeniable, thus, it is considered to be a mysterious miracle on the face of Earth.For hundreds of years, various bio writers dedicated their time and effort to present the story of prominent people’s lives in order to keep the memory of them alive for the future generations.The man is not the topic of the paper, the speech is the topic of the paper. Use the most important ones in the paper, but do not start listing dates.If you do this, you may lose your reader’s attention.For example, if you were trying to prove that “The Gettysburg Address” was one of the most important speech that was ever given by an American president, you would focus on the speech, on the speech’s content, and on why it is the most important.You would, of course, talk about Lincoln, but keep that part to a minimum.There is no doubt that time is precious for anyone who is balancing between studying and making a career.In this light, writing a biography seems to be not such an easy task as it may seem at first sight.One of the most common assignments that almost every student gets during college studies is writing a biography of a famous person, which usually includes the description of life in a very specific way. More than that, you can always use professional biography writing services.Most of the students face the need to get help with writing biography as it requires certain skills and knowledge. The main reason why students have problems with such kind of essays is that they create a dry list of dates and events, a list that bears no literature value.


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