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Here she would find her colors on the "silver screen".

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There is an initial dislike for Pauline, fermented by her cruel neglect of Pecola; Pauline devalues Pecola and is more concerned about her ‘floor’ than her scalded daughter (85); it is heart wrenching when Pauline turns to comfort ‘a little girl in pink’ rather than her own flesh-and-blood.

This disdain for her fades after we find out about and empathise with her plight, her growing disillusionment and her increasing conformity to Western standards of living.

Of the three main characters—all African female adolescents—it is Pecola Breedlove who is the primary focus.

It is she who is most affected by the dominant culture's beauty standards because it is...

It is cruelly ironic that various people around Pecola show contempt at her despite her being the source of their self-worth; this idea of scapegoating by different people is a central theme in The Bluest Eye.

Through multiple narrators – each from a different social class – Morrison represents how pervasive scapegoating/racism is.Specifically, she investigates the effects of the beauty standards of the dominant culture on the self-image of the African female adolescent.The role of class, the primary form of exploitation experienced by African people that will become the focus of later works, is only relevant insofar as it exacerbates that self-image.She now wished to live her life like this, through the colors in herself.Right after Pecola was born Cholly again began to pay attention to Pauline again the way he used to when they lived down South.The only problem was that the colors had dimed in Pauline.By working for a white family, she found her order and her colors again but not with the intensity that she once did. “The Bluest Eye: The Need for Racial Approbation.” In Toni Morrison's Developing Class Consciousness, pp. Selinsgrove, Mass.: Susquehanna University Press, 1991. In the following essay, Mbalia traces the narrative development of racism as the primary focus of The Bluest Eye in order to account for the novel's structural limitations.In The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison's emphasis is on racism.This was true even of her sexual experiences with him. To make up for this neglect and her own insecurities, Pauline sought comfort through movies.Everything was fine, ordered and beautiful in both Pauline and Cholly's life until they moved "up North". Here she would sit and watch the perfect "white" world of Hollywood.


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