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Then let students create their own photo collages using either real photographs or reproductions cut from newspapers and magazines.You might suggest that students choose a favorite sport or hobby as the subject of their artwork. Review what students know about similes, expressions that compare two things using the word “like” or “as.” Then have students tell who or what is being compared in each of the following similes from the story.Background Playground basketball is a popular form of recreation in many communities, and especially in urban and inner-city areas.

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He doubts his new couch, Cal, and doesn't think that he'll be there for his new team.

He soon realizes what the man has done in his past, and can completely connect with him.

I have learned a lot from this book, and I think that anyone who reads it will too. Remember, you must always work to improve yourself because there is always someone working hard to challenge you. i think yu need to go to the forums or something because there's a reason people comment and it's NOT for homework help.

I am now reading more Walter Dean Myers books, and he has became my favorite author. Life is a series of challenges that we must all endure. by the way, i think this review makes me want to read Hoops.

Cal soon becomes a huge impact on Lonnie, and they face many challenges.

It is an amazing novel, and I really suggest everyone to read it.Coy also uses basketball in writing workshops that he conducts for children.In his Basketball and Poetry Writing Workshop, Coy has students shoot hoops and then write poems about their experiences while playing the game.I love basketball, so I picked out a basketball book, and it was called “Hoops” by Walter Dean Myers.It is an incredible story, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves basketball, and overcoming obstacles.This book makes me think about how hard it would be to grow up in a rough city.I have realized that basketball is a great way to escape the struggles us humans face. When we was reading it we had many class discussion and many response was that this book teaches us how to believe in yourself and that life is struggle but you can over come anything and accomplish our life goals.i can't believe u would write that.As noted in a : “Playground basketball is always about a rite of passage: proving yourself able to play at the next level.It’s a metaphor for life in the larger world, of course, but it’s also an intense, image-rich world of its own.” John Coy, author of , is himself a veteran of many pick-up games at his local YMCA.By John Coy Illustrations by Leslie Jean-Bart Synopsis Ten-year-old James loves to play basketball, and when he gets a chance to join a four-on-four basketball game with his older brother and his friends, James knows he has to show the older boys he can keep up with them.Although James gets off to a rocky start, encouragement from his brother Nate and his own determination help him hold his own and prove he is a contender in the scrappy playground game.


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