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Things to Love Takeaway In sum, you don’t need to buy this book.For review, you are much better off going with any of the major publishers on the market.How the Current Edition Compares to the Previous One The most recent edition of this book is from 2016, when the SAT changed—so definitely don’t get earlier editions! Things to Love Verdict On its own, this book isn’t enough to prepare you for test day.

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To help you maximize your study time (and save your hard-earned cash) I’ve reviewed the options for the best SAT books on the market and graded them from most to least helpful.

Keep in mind that some publishers do a good job on some things (like practice tests or a specific section of the SAT) and a sub-par job on other things.

Four of those are online, which is a bit annoying considering that this is still a paper-based test.

Furthermore, I tried to get online access as promised by the book to the additional tests, and the Kaplan website was super complicated.

But…we don’t really feel like it today.” At first glance, you might think that it’s a different book, but a lot of this information is just more of the same. The practice test is not great, but it’s not terrible.

Also, note that I said “practice test” and not “practice tests” (the cover promises five).

There are a few changes that seem like downgrades though, with less tutorial support for certain topics in SAT Writing & Language and SAT Math. Things to Love Takeaway A great place to overhaul your math scores if you have a lot of time before the exam.

Also worth looking into for the use of graphs in the verbal sections.

This may have been a problem on my end, but it’s worth noting that you have to give them a TON of info in order to get to those tests, even when it does work.

That way they can put you on all those sweet, sweet marketing lists.


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