Bookshop Business Plan

Small publishers are an absolute pleasure to work with.As together we stand proud in the revival of printed books, you’ll find any small publisher will inherently be extremely supportive of your project.Books readily make people happy and the majority of shops, exhibition spaces and public areas will be thrilled to host a small bookshop. There will always be people who can find something to criticise in even the ventures coming from places of kindness and good intentions.

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The minute you do reach out and ask for a hand you realise that everyone has a small fantasy of running a bookshop.

And while it’s possible to do all the research and preparation yourself, it can be a challenge to run a pop-up shop on your own, as this will make loo and lunch breaks rather unlikely.

But actually, I have a registered business, a business that broke even within a few months of trading, I have a growing stock and books I know to be my bestsellers and I even have returning customers and "regulars".

Surely, in the twenty-first century, a bookshop can exist outside of a conventional four-walls space.

Nowadays, when people want to buy a book they’re likely also after the experience.

Good bookshops and chain bookstores know this, and it’s why they build them beautiful and often incorporate café spaces.

Reach out to a few people such as event organisers, hosts of book clubs and writing groups, and you’ll soon enough find yourself with a strong network to start from as well as many a new friend.

Tying your own project in with someone else’s allows you to exchange ideas and look at things from angles you might not have considered.

Recently, someone emailed me to ask for advice on starting a bookshop business.

At first this seemed absurd to me, for who am I to give people advice on how to start a bookshop, when I don't actually have a bookshop myself?


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