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The logic of such a flight from reason, of creating a situation where anyone can be a woman regardless of how they were born or what bits they have, is that blokes will intrude on women’s spaces.

The logic of such a flight from reason, of creating a situation where anyone can be a woman regardless of how they were born or what bits they have, is that blokes will intrude on women’s spaces.There will be born males in female changing rooms; burly trans-women, who have benefited from the testosterone carnival that is male puberty, taking part in women’s sports; born males putting themselves forward for all-women shortlists in politics; and people actually saying ‘I am a woman and therefore you must wax my testicles’. ‘Wax this woman’s testicles’ – can we hear ourselves? It’s the logic that has seen male rapists being sent to women’s prisons because they now self-ID as women.It is the logic that means a trans-woman who went through male puberty can now be winning gold medals in the women’s world cycling championships.

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For proof that the woke war on common sense and decency is now completely out of control, look no further than the Canadian trans-waxing controversy. This is the case of Jessica Yaniv, born Jonathan Yaniv, who has filed complaints against more than a dozen female waxers with the Human Rights Council (HRC) in British Columbia.

A born male who identifies as female, and whose male genitalia is still intact, is suing female-only waxers on the basis that their refusal to wax his bollocks – sorry, bollocks – is an act of discrimination. Yaniv claims that the women’s refusal to give him a Brazilian – that is, to handle his penis and testicles and to remove his pubic hair, activities these women did want to carry out – is discrimination.

Many of the women who have had action taken against them are migrants. One is Sikh, and also works home, and she has a religious issue with waxing male genitalia.

That this ‘human rights’ action is even taking place is utterly perverse.

’ The Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy, who has been central to drawing attention to the Yaniv case and to critiquing the cult of gender self-ID and its dire impact on women’s spaces, describes it well.

In an interview on my podcast a few months ago she talked about how gender self-ID necessarily erases women-only spaces and also devastates the idea of womanhood itself.

There are so many ways in which Trans people do face discrimination out there in the big bad intolerant world, why focus on this?

You might want to check out the coverage Tim Pool (who I think BON subscribes to) did on this.

Now try: “After all, if anyone can be British or American, then being British or American becomes a pretty meaningless, hollow affair.” If the first proposition is true, so must the second be. But O’Neill accepts the first and denies the second. you’re comparing biological gender, to A nationality on a passport so when people want to have their birth gender changed on a passport for respectful reasons as they’d be embarrassed when asked to produce their pass port, they could then say they’ve decided they can go to anywhere as thats’ their home country on their passport I’m comparing national identity to a label on a birth certificate.

If trans-women weaken and destroy the concept of “woman-ness”, then immigrants weaken and destroy the concept of “British-ness” or “American-ness”.


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