Breakfast Club Analysis Essay

With eight hours of confinement they start to form a friendship.Another character that played an important role was Principal Richard Vernon (Paul Gleason). In this film it deals with the issue of teen angst.The brain finishes it off by writing the essay and leaving it for the Principal to read. The closing scene shows Bender walking past the football field shouting and then the credits role.

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The Principal hears this and continues after Bender.Genre The film cannot be placed under one specific genre- it could be classed as a romantic film, drama, or comedy.Romance because in the film more than a friendship is formed.Also the framing of the film was brilliant with good shots of the cast and the situations with they got themself into.The sound was spectacular, with good music and sound effects. Editing needed a little repair, cutting out the best scenes, especially the joke scene, I wanted to know how it ended.In the library they had a lot of props, from books, antique furniture and booklets on sex eduacation and more.Final Response To conclude The Breakfast Club is a brilliant film for alot of reasons. The fact that two people who find each other repulsive could be together is something that you must see.The scene which I found to be the best was when they were running around the school trying to make their way back to the library before the principal noticed them missing. The first scene shows of the characters running down a hall, then the camera moves away from them and bringing the audiences attention to the next hall they are going to run down.The direction gives the impression that they are on a wild goose chase and don t know where they are going.With typical characters such as the jocks, who were the letterheaded jacket and only speak to the popular people, juvenile delinquent, who doesn t socialize with the rest of the school, always in trouble and never doing what he s told.They always wear baggy worn out clothes that tell them apart from the rest of the school.


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