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Greenbelt: an imaginary zone put around some cities to stop urban development and further expansion of the city.

Greenfield Site: a site which has not been built on before – these are often in rural areas such as farmland.

In addition to Environmental Quality surveys as described above which quantify the quality of the urban environment we can use a range of methods to collect information about environmental quality in a qualitative way.

Questionnaires or informal chats with the public might ask the following Use annotated photos or field sketches to make a judgement about the quality of the environment.

You may wish to restrict your sample as follows: Alternatively you could record the land use for individual buildings – in this example the main shopping streets were identified from the town shopping website and these were used as the basis for the sampling strategy, recording land use of each building.

An environmental quality survey uses an observer’s judgements to assess environmental quality against a range of indicators.

Settlement Hierarchy: settlements in order of size, with the largest one first Settler: a person who takes over land to live on, where no one has lived before Site: the land a settlement is built on Situation: the position of a settlement in relation to features such as rivers, hills and other settlements Sustainable: can be carried on without doing any harm Terraced housing:housing that is found in the inner city and in straight rows of small housing with no front gardens.

Very small gardens or back yards often close to old factories.

Such as roads, railways, water supply, telephone system.

Inner City: the area within the city or town which borders the CBD.


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