Celia A Slave Essays

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He loosely assigned the girl the task of being a cook as a cover-up for his sexual misconduct, though it remained obvious to his immediate family (28).

The girl was called Celia by her previous master, purchased from an unknown identity at a day’s trip away (23).

Purchasing a young slave for sex seemed justified, seeing the commonality of slavery in his area.

It may seem morbid nowadays, but it was an un-discussed trend during this era of controversial slavery.

The author concludes that “Celia’s trial demonstrates that gender …

was a significant factor in shaping slave law” (141).Slavery had become both a moral issue and a question of political power." (Kral p61) This account of enduring adversity begins with a man by the name of Robert Newsom.After his wife passed away he apparently craved the need for sexual fulfillment.Over time Celia accepted her role in the Newsom household and bore two of Newsom's children.Towards the end of her five years at the Newsom farm she began a personal romance with another slave by the name of George.He came to the conclusion that the best possible way to nourish his craving was by purchasing a young, healthy slave to keep as his personal "mistress".So at the age of 14, Celia became a white-man's sexual object. A critical overview Celia, a Slave was a factual interpretation of one isolated incident that depicted common slave fear during the antebellum period of the United States. Mc Laurin, the author, used this account of a young slave woman's struggle through the undeserved hardships of rape and injustice to explain to today's naive society a better depiction of what slavery could have been like.Although not nearly as extreme, they continue to live in a white-male dominated culture that looks down upon African-Americans, especially females. Robert Newsom of Missouri, who raped her before they even reached her new home, purchased Celia in 1850 at the age of 14.Celia later fell in love with one of her fellow slaves by the name of George.


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