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The assembly resolved to promote educational equality and civil rights for Mexican Americans, themes that would reemerge in the Chicano civil rights movement of the mid-1960s.Like other ethnic social movements of the time, the Chicano movement embraced the culture and identity of Mexico.Leaders of the movement initiated many legal and political maneuvers, union strikes, marches, and student protests.They detained two forest rangers and declared the land an autonomous state but surrendered 5 days later.While out on bond, Tijerina and 150 Alianza members stormed the county courthouse to free imprisoned members of their group.Mexican Americans is the term used to describe people who have Mexican ancestry but were born in the United States and therefore they are Amerian citizens.Understanding the Chicano movement requires an understanding of the past. The treaty guaranteed the rights of Mexican settlers in the area, granting them U. citizenship after 1 year and recognizing their property rights.These people began to suffer from discrimination in their owl land.Their sons and daughters did not have better luck because even thought they were born in the United States therefore they are American citizens Finally after many deacades of suffering the Chicanos decided to make their voices be heard around the country and fight discrimination and to demand the rigthts they desrve as Americdan citizens. S took hundreds of miles from Mexico at the end of the Mexican War in 1848.In the raid they shot two officials and took two hostages.The largest manhunt in New Mexican history ended a week later when Tijerina surrendered.


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