Compare Contrast Two Films Essay

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While the introduction introduces the topic and draws the reader in, the body of the essay usually consists of several paragraphs supporting the essay's main argument or hypothesis.

A strong conclusion will satisfactorily draw an essay's argument to a close.

The thesis statement is usually included in the introduction to the essay, and it provides the reader with a clear understanding of the essay's topic and scope.

The first or second sentence of the conclusion should be a restatement, or paraphrase, of the thesis statement.

Compare and contrast watching a film at a cinema and watching a DVD at home. Make sure to formulate a thesis statement in which you state your choice and then convince your reader of the soundness of your view.

A well-written essay should have at least three main components: an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

In order to create an excellent essay, we need to establish what a compare and contrast essay is first.

Our life is all about comparing, so when we, for example, face a choice of buying apples or pears, our decision will probably be influenced by a number of factors.

For example, a sentence relating to the thesis statement comparing life in the city versus life in the country could be, "For these reasons mentioned above and others, life in the city is more advisable for individuals for whom a better quality of life is non-negotiable." The conclusion should not include much more than a re-stated thesis statement and the author's short opinion.

It should never be a place in which new information or information unrelated to the topic is introduced.


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