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By organizing his article to draw in his readers, share with them his observation, then let his observation lead to his argument, Wallace produces an effective article; one we use to teach rhetorical strategies in Universities.For practically the entire essay, Wallace takes a topical approach and assumes that his audience has a very rudimentary understanding of the lobster.He describes the attractions at the event, and using long, run on sentences, delves into the overwhelming variety of lobster dishes that one can expect to see at the festival.However, due the demand of lobster, in my opinion, these practices are sure to continue.] On the first day of College Writing II, I have an expectation that my students have, to some degree, mastered the mechanics of writing, as laid out in the Rubric.Likewise, I have found that explaining how to handle and select evidence can be managed through dialogue that I model and repeat.I can ask them questions and I can give them a format to follow, until they earn confidence in all of these areas, at which point I expect them to break the ritual and find more creative ways to engage with their evidence or write their thesis, while still maintaining the connections that are required in academic writing.Following this Wallace goes in depth in regards to the origin of the lobster.He covers topics such as how it is classified in the realm of crustaceans, the origin of the word “lobster,” and how it transformed from a dish associated with the poor, to the modern day delicacy it has become.Like the readers of Wallace’s essay, my students have an opportunity to reflect on their organizational choices through the use of Trends within Voyant Tools.This specific tool leads me to develop an extra credit analysis assignment and the combination of Trends and Cirrus leads me to develop a peer review assignment.


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