Corruption Essay In Urdu Language

With this growing sense of public responsibility, there is a massive constituency for organisations like yours who help people make their voice heard.

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We encourage companies to adopt and report on anti-corruption programmes in their company, their subsidiaries and throughout supply chains, but we also want to see more transparency about the operations of those supply chains.

Only by putting resources behind investigators and giving political backing to the prosecutors will we create a genuine disincentive to bad corporate behaviour, and truly ensure that no one is above the law.

In many countries, people no longer trust their leaders’ management of the public good.

One potential positive result is that people will take a greater role in monitoring the management of that public good from now on.It destroys jobs and holds back growth, costing the world economy billions of pounds every year.It traps the poorest in the most desperate poverty as corrupt governments around the world syphon off funds and prevent hard-working people from getting the revenues and benefits of growth that are rightfully theirs.To this end TI encourages the enforcement of international Conventions and rule-making on the home front to reign in opaque budget-making, establish greater transparency on government procurement and construction projects, and the creation of government anti-corruption watchdogs.Clean government goes hand-in-hand with clean business.Bad governance distorts markets and destabilises societies, perpetuating poverty and social injustice.Governments, businesses and citizens across the globe have to join efforts to fight this common scourge by promoting more open governments.The longer I have been Prime Minister, and the more I have seen in this job, the more I believe that we cannot hope to solve the big global challenges of our time without making a major dent in the whole cycle of corruption.If we continue to hide from this problem, how will developing countries blessed with natural resources ever break out of the poverty trap?The World Economic Forum's global risk report from January 2010 said illicit trade represents between seven and 10 percent of the global economy.It cited corruption as one of the major risks to stability and economic recovery. When those in power such as the police and judges, or those who hold the keys to accessing essential services such as health, education, licenses, water and electricity expect a bribe in return for providing services or for looking the other way, those who can afford it pay, others go without the service.


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