Creation Myth Essay

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It seems pathetic to be so insecure about your biological superiority to a group of feces-flinging, rouge-buttocked monkeys that you have to make up fairy tales like "We came from Adam and Eve," and then cover stories for Adam and Eve, Yeah, leaving the earth in the hands of two naked teenagers, that's a real intelligent design.

I'm sorry, folks, but it may very well be that life is just a series of random events, and that there is no master plan--but enough about Iraq. If there were, the Republicans would have an opposition party.

The earth and the sky came together and spawned six children: Tawhiri, the god of weather; Rongo, the god of crops; Tu, the god of war; Tangaroa, the god of the sea; Tane, the god of the forests; and Haumia, the god of plants.

According to the myth, the children didn’t have enough space to live because their parents were very close together, resulting in an effort to separate Rangi and Papa so that they would have more space.

They rebelled and successfully separated their parents when Tane cut the arms of their father, Rangi, so that he couldn’t hold their mother anymore.

The children were then able to see the light and the sky for the first time.

Intelligent design is supported by the guys on line to see And the reason there is no real debate is that intelligent design isn't real science. It's that people just like to tell themselves stories about where they came from. They don't trust the world around them--it's too good for them, or not good enough--so they tell themselves stories about it.

It's the equivalent of saying that the Thermos keeps hot things hot and cold things cold because it's a god. They tell themselves an old magician who lives up in the sky made them out of clay and put them here until whenever he makes up his mind to take them out again.

We also know that the Big Bang, the beginning of our universe, occurred about 13.7 billion years ago, whereas Earth didn’t even exist until about 10 billion years later.

No one looking at the vast extent of the universe and the completely random location of homo sapiens within it (in both space and time) could seriously maintain that the whole thing was intentionally created for us.


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