Critical Thinking In Literature

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Below are some different ways that we can use critical thinking in interpreting literature.Keep these in mind when you read and re-read the texts, and when you writer your papers.

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This involves seeing relationships between events, drawing inferences, analysing events, synthesising evidence and evaluating both the content of a text and the language used to the express ideas contained within it.

Upon completion of this unit you will be able to: The literature class gives a teacher the opportunity to engage students in discussions about the ideas expressed in literary texts.

Art, they assume, is fundamentally aesthetic and aesthetics don’t lend themselves to critical thinking.

However, critical thinking can be applied to art, and literature (including nature writing) always has political dimensions (whether or not the author and the texts focus explicitly on political and social issues).

Plus, it can provide people with important historical perspective, encourage sympathy for other human beings, and promote appreciation for diversity and understanding of other cultures.

Moreover, literature can help students develop the critical-thinking skills many employers think are lacking in today’s college graduates before they even get to college.

While the story line shows how people can use science to do beautiful things and change situations for the better, it also demonstrates how we can make devastating mistakes.

It’s probably no surprise that when my English teacher, Mrs.

Literature is an effective tool for engaging students in critical thinking.

By teaching children to analyse and evaluate literary texts appropriate to their age and interests, we can help them develop critical thinking skills.


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