Dissertation On Football Hooliganism

Football hooliganism periodically generates widespread political and public anxiety.

The press has helped from the modern phenomenon of football hooliganism, it has shaped a public opinion of the problem and it has directly influenced the actions of fans themselves.

There is also considerable evidence to support the claim that football hooligans enjoy press coverage and positively attempt to obtain coverage of themselves and their group. Conclusion Therefore, I still needed to look at the profile of the football hooligan and answer the vital question: 'Who are they and why do they do it'.

Lastly studying this topic will enable me to look at different views and therefore I may benefit in more understanding of the views and contrast in views.

Methodology For my Sociology Coursework research I have chosen a few methods to gather my research. Middle It must be the result of "animal instinct" or the uncontrolled impulse of the insane " When stereotypes are accepted, then solutions to the problems are often proposed that match them.

However, to know more about the issue, firstly I briefly aim to look at the profile of the football hooligan and answer the vital question: 'Who are they and why do they do it?

' Furthermore I briefly intend to analyse the role media plays in football hooliganism.Although at points I was tiny bit unsure if I was on the right lines as I realised it was really easy to get away form the topic I was studying.The research methods I used at the beginning were, I felt, very good in that I dint need to change them.This highly readable book provides the first systematic and empirically grounded comparison of football hooliganism in different national and local contexts.Focused around the six Western European football clubs on which the author did his research, the book shows how different clubs experience and understand football hooliganism in different ways.These were many few sources I needed, after the beginning, as I went through my coursework because I had carefully thought what type of information I needed.More importantly, I really wanted to interview real-life hooligans.For my primary data, after looking at the advantages and disadvantages of methods of collecting data, I chose my method which was an interview.The interview was very useful in that it helped me back up some points I made with real-life experiences or opinions. Introduction Abdullah Mamaniat 10Q A Study of Football Hooliganism: Are Football Hooligans "Real" Fans?Introduction This study looks in depth at football hooliganism and the media coverage of it.


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