Doctoral Programs Without Dissertation

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Excluding online doctoral programs for occupational therapists, physical therapists, pharmacists etc.

who are looking to upgrade to a doctorate, I've only found a few of doctoral programs that don't require a dissertation or equivalent.

Even if you knock off two years for having a master's degree, that's still six years. If I had to guess, I would say that 99% of the online professional doctorates require a dissertation, applied project, or a capstone that takes almost as long as a dissertation.

From what I've seen most doctorate programs expect a 4-8 year investment, though professional doctorates are supposed to take less than 4.

That means I can pull Uo P off the list completely though.

The only reason they were on my list at all was because I thought those degrees lacked the dissertation requirement.Maybe I'll just focus on a second masters and call it good. I believe the average length is over eight years now. I checked Uo P's website, and the DBA and DM require a dissertation.Maybe I'll just focus on a second masters and call it good.There's this program, and there are two degrees at University of Western States.The Ed D in Sports Psychology and the Ed D in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at University of Western States let students opt for a year-long practicum instead of a dissertation.While I am still doing my research, I was under the impression that most professional doctorates did not have a dissertation requirement.I've seen articles discussing professional degrees in business (like DBA, DM, and DL) that don't have a dissertation requirement, but I haven't actually found any yet. Then again, if they have a project or capstone that takes more than a year to complete then it might as well be the same thing.I'm assuming that the applied project in ASU's DBH program isn't that involved if they expect full-time students to finish in 18 months, but the program is expensive.Even though the program is only 42 credits, they only allow students to take two courses each fall and spring and one course in the summer making the program three years long. https://edu/education/doctoral_..._sciences/ MS Applied Nutrition, 2014 Canisius College, NY Premed/Prenursing Sciences, 2011 Ocean County College, NJ BA Social Science, 2008 Thomas Edison State University, NJ AA General Studies, 2008 Thomas Edison State University, NJ AOS Culinary Arts,1990 Culinary Institute of America, NY Traditionally, professional doctorates and scholarly doctorates differ primarily on the basis of the thesis.Scholarly doctorates typically require original and significant contribution to theory.This is typically done by either building or testing theory, fills a new niche in the field, and builds on the work of others.


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