Edith Stein Dissertation

How to view the relationship between phenomenology and psychology in particular? In what ways precisely can phenomenological investigations benefit from empirical research?

In what ways can phenomenological investigations of empathy benefit from empirical research?

2) The relationship between phenomenology and the empirical sciences The following questions may help to rethink this allegedly clear relationship: What can we learn from Edith Stein’s “Zur Kritik an Theodor Elsenhans und August Messer”?

Since phenomenology is an eidetic, a priori science, such a claim is at least prima facie plausible.

As argued in a text drafted by Edith Stein on behalf of Husserl, “Zur Kritik an Theodor Elsenhans und August Messer” (Husserliana 25), the relationship is far more complex.


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