Educated Person Essay

This is defining education not in terms of "counts" and "credit" courses, of "majors" and "minors," nor in professional or other vocational achievements, but in simple spiritual and intellectual values.

The most obvious ingredient of "educatedness" is information or knowledge.

Given the centrality of foundational knowledge in shaping both the rest of human knowledge and further inquiry, it is important for educated people to have the foundational knowledge of their times, with an awareness of the evolution of this knowledge, as well as the evidence that justifies the belief in the foundational propositions.

Abilities In addition to having information of the kind described above, we also expect an educated person to be able to do certain things.

The requirement articulated above may give the misleading impression that the information that an educated person should have is what is important for practical matters.

Given that ideas about the expanding universe and the evolution of the species are not relevant for practical decisions in life, is it necessary for an educated person to be familiar with them?

In contrast, we agree that the idea that matter consists of molecules and molecules consist of atoms is part of the general knowledge of any educated person in modern times.

It is also important to bear in mind that what is regarded as knowledge keeps changing over time.

The universe came to exist in a big bang several billions of years ago, and it has been expanding ever since. All matter is composed of molecules which are formed out of atoms.

Atoms are composed of smaller particles some of which have positive and negative electric charges, whirling about in empty space.


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