Effects Of Culture Shock Essay

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Making friends in university is very important, especially at the beginning as those friendships play a big part of your university experience.

It is a huge relief to know that you are not the only one going through culture shock.

For example, social scientists once considered nostalgia to likewise be a disease of loneliness or homesickness (Lowenthal, 1985).

Researchers today tend to divide the study of culture shock along four approaches: cognitive, behavioral, phenomenological, and psychological and sociocultural (Chapdelaine & Alexitch, 2004; Searle & Ward, 1990).

When I first arrived at university, I came in a few weeks late due to some flight issues.

I had never been to the UK before and I was extremely scared; everything seemed different.Your university will have student advisors and support on campus. International students embark on a great adventure.Culture shock was inevitable as I found it difficult to adjust to different aspects of UK society.Language, accents, mannerisms and even the food caught me off guard to start with.Some international students might become overwhelmed with adjusting to even seemingly mild cultural differences, while others may hide their discomfort and attempt to blend in, leading to continued confusion.All international students will feel culture shock at some point and to varying degrees.Immediately after you come into contact with a new environment, chances are you will be hit with culture shock.This blog post will share some of my own past experiences of culture shock and offer you some suggestions on how to overcome it and adjust to life as a new university student in the UK.Denis Odera, from Kenya is a third year student at the University of Portsmouth studying Computer Games Enterprise Moving to a different area for your studies can be very difficult, especially if it’s a location that you have never been to before.Many questions may go through your mind regarding your studies, your social life or even how you will begin to get around.


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