Employee Evaluation Essay

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Under this method, checklist of statements of traits of employee in the form of Yes or No based questions is prepared.

If the rater believes strongly that the employee possesses a particular listed trait, he checks the item; otherwise, he leaves the item blank.

In this method, the manager prepares lists of statements of very effective and ineffective behavior of an employee.

These critical incidents or events represent the outstanding or poor behavior of employees on the job.

The method is easy to understand and quite user friendly.

It allows behaviors to be quantified making appraisal system much easier.

It provides an objective basis for conducting a thorough discussion of an employee’s performance.

In this technique, management establishes the goals openly and sets targets against realistic output standards.

Some will be too lenient, and others may find it hard to screen out their personal agendas.

Although it is good at identifying the best and poorest of employees, it does not help while differentiating between the average employees.


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