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300) tale interspersed throughout the final essay, failed to attain the level of emotional power or cogency found in the book's other essays.

's strength rests on Flores' knowledge, reasoning and synthesis of primary and secondary source material, personal memoir and theory from different disciplines.

He writes about the American origin and die-off of horses, and the post-Columbian reintroduction, explosive spread, commodification and the virtual disappearance of wild horses (along with, in a separate essay, that of the wolves).

Throughout , Flores offers his own self-aware analysis to explain nature's current condition, including his ancestors' roles in constructing it, while also suggesting a better, more salubrious way of living in the world by embracing teachings beyond academic history's institutional bounds and a faith grounded in the land and humanity's physical and emotional need for nature.

It is a book about history and nature and humankind's impact on nature in the Near Southwest, the largely horizontal region of yellowed grass spanning from the Rocky Mountains' eastern range to Louisiana's bayou country and southern Kansas to the Gulf Coast, that is, Flores claims, delineated by "water", "history" and "sensory impression" (p. is not a historical monograph in the accepted sense, either.

Instead, it is a collection of seven essays--two containing fictions--connected by a common subject: Flores' twenty-year "search for something--Wild America, if it has to have a name" (p. These essays are not, however, about the Horizontal Yellow in its entirety.

Dan Flores' knowledge is enormous, embracing not only today's physical actuality but also the Horizontal Yellow's ecology and human occupation through time and how and why both have changed.

is a hard won, candid meditation on the Near Southwest's natural world, the author's place and experiences in it and people's fateful impact on it.

Professional historians bear some responsibility for this.

The profession's lack of attention to "shared history" (p. id=5581 Copyright © 2001 by H-Net, all rights reserved.


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