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However mobile phones can be very expensive which inevitably means you are a bigger target for crime.

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Student can communicate with the companies according to their interests through these websites.

It is seen in the researches that students who use internet show increase in cognitive abilities such as memory, spatial and logical problem solving, critical thinking, concentration, abstraction and comprehension.

They also get chance to see questions asked by other students and learn effectively.

If a student wants to learn something extra, other than the normal curriculum, he can refer the online resources and expertise in the desired area and stay ahead in this competent world.

In the end the benefits of having a mobile over rules the risk of being targeted for crime.

In the present world of science and technology it is difficult to imagine schools and colleges without computers and internet.

Information related to history, geography, science, researches, new innovations etc. Students also share their work with their friends or any professors for their assistance or to appreciation.

Students use internet to apply to colleges or institutes easily by uploading their work and qualifications on the concerned websites.

Internet is very useful for those who wants to learn but are unable to attend regular classes due to some reasons.

These students go for online courses and gather information and study from them to prepare themselves for competitions.


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