Essay About Violence In Movies And On Tv

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TV and cinema today do show a large amount of violence and, although we try and shield our young people from seeing too much, they still get to watch it. The connection between the TV and the cinema obsession with violence and today's street violence cannot be proved but it is logical that the two are connected.

At the age of eighteen in my country, they can see everything anyway. Young people imitate what they see and it is logical that they see glamour in what they do when they commit violence. Reducing the amount of violence on TV and in the cinema would certainly be a good start.

I don‛t think that national service should be re-established in this country but, if people are convicted of violence and sent to prison, then why not give them the option of serving in the army.

Their violence will be controlled and they will be subjected to discipline so that they will be better able to control themselves when they leave.

Canada was one of the first countries to extensively research this issue.

Essay About Violence In Movies And On Tv Vtu Phd Coursework Question Papers

The results of their studies prompted some of their engineers to devise the "V-Chip." As you may know, the V-Chip allows parents to lock out TV programming they consider objectionable to their children.No rocket science here, just clear cause and effect.Unfortunately, when it comes to violence in the media, the cause and effect is not as readily apparent. Today the evidence is clear: smoking is the number one cause of preventable heath problems and premature death in the United States."Aggression is a trait that develops together with the nervous system over time starting from childhood.Patterns of behaviour become solidified and the nervous system prepares to continue the behaviour patterns into adulthood when they become increasingly coached in personality. During that time some 2,500 books and articles have been written on the effects of TV and film violence on human behavior.In this article we're going to summarize some the latest thinking on this subject. They found that those who as children were exposed to violent TV shows were much more likely to later be convicted of crime.The link between X-rated films and video games and the rise in violent crime has been debated for years so scientists scanned the brains of two very different groups of people to see what happened as they were shown violent images.Their brains were scanned as they watched a succession of shootings and street fights on day one, emotional but non-violent scenes such as people interacting during a natural disaster on day two and nothing on day three.If you eat something that you have not tried before and immediately get sick, you will probably assume there's a direct relationship between the two.And if at some later date you forget about your first experience and eat the same thing again, and immediately get sick again, you can be fairly sure that whatever you ate makes you sick.


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