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Three years later, a schism occurred within the Branch Davidians, with Howell leading his own group of followers to a new site in Palestine, Texas.

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The more I hung out with them the more things I did with them I even sat in on one of their church sessions.

I couldnt believe how much of the stuff that David was talking about had relevance to my life.

Neither of them tried to push me into coming and praying with mainly they were looking for some one to beat the skins so that they could jam.

Since my band was in the dumps I took back his card and said that I would call him. I got to know Koresh and some of the other musicians in the band and all and all I was impressed.

In response to a stockpiling of illegal weapons, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives secured a search warrant for the investigation of the Branch Davidians’ compound near Waco, Texas.

From 1993 February 28 until April 19, Branch Davidians under the leadership of David Koresh resisted federal agents’ attempts to storm their Mount Carmel Center.Problems began when a group of Adventists, led by Bulgarian immigrant Victor Houteff, began to challenge the traditional hierarchy of the denomination.Houteff claimed to have received personal revelations from God and published his controversial views in a book entitled (1932).Calvin Smith, director of the Strecker Museum and professor of Museum Studies at Baylor University, was appointed chair of the Exhibit Committee.Smith and his Museum Studies students collected primary and secondary materials and constructed an exhibit entitled “The Facts About Mt.Leadership among the Davidians fragmented afterwards, with Victor’s widow Florence Houteff and Benjamin Roden vying for control.The group that followed Benjamin Roden and his wife Lois would later call themselves the Branch Davidians.For several decades, the Rodens led the Branch Davidians in relative peace, however, the 1980's brought about further division within the sect.A newcomer named Vernon Howell had joined the Branch Davidians in 1981.Calvin Smith and his museum studies students collected a wide array of primary and secondary materials in order to create a fair history of the Branch Davidian sect. Return to the Table of Contents Collection manuscripts were in a single banker box with no organization and no supporting documentation.


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