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However, sharing the same substance does not mean they share identity of person.THROUGH HIM ALL THINGS WERE MADE The Bible tells us that through the Son, as Word of God, all things have been created.However, unlike earthly rulers, Jesus is a friend to the oppressed and a servant.

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THE FATHER ALMIGHTY Jesus frequently calls God "Father" in the Scriptures, and this usage tells us that God is a loving God active within His creation.

God the Father is the first person (Greek "hypostasis," "individual reality"), or distinction, within the Godhead.

God the Son is born out of the essence of God the Father.

Just as a child shares the same humanness as his or her parents, the Son shares the essential nature of God with the Father.

Notice that in addition to being "true God from true God," Jesus is fully human as well.

The early Docetists, named from the Greek word "dokeo" ("to seem"), heretically believed Jesus only seemed to be human, but was not.

However, the Scriptures have all three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – interacting at the same time, as shown at Jesus' baptism. Athanasius, writing during the Nicene era, said the Father and Son are one as "the sight of two eyes is one." TRUE GOD FROM TRUE GOD God the Son is not a half-god or inferior to God the Father.

God the Son is fully and utterly God, distinct from the Father, yet not divided from the Father.

Since the Son's birth from the Father occurred before time was created, begotten refers to a permanent relationship as opposed to an event within time.

CONSUBSTANTIAL WITH THE FATHER God the Father and God the Son are equally divine, united in substance and will.


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