Essay On Eco Tourism

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Email- [email protected] As tourism has gained importance in recent year due to hectic life in every country especially in most populace cities and where life is so fast the people don’t have time for relaxing and for recreation.

The state has vast mineral deposits that include diamonds, coal, copper ore, diaspore, limestone, manganese, pyrophyllite and slate, among others.

Due to these benefits of Eco – Tourism, the UN has declared 2002 as the ‘International Year of Eco – Tourism’.

In India, Eco – Tourism is facing following problems.

(ii) All important natural sites should be provided with proper infrastructure like road, tele-communications, water, electricity, hotels, transports, guides etc.

(iii) Government should provide incentives to tourism operations and service providers. While planning any tour or visiting any area people have to take care of environment and animals who are also part of environment and who too have equal right to share. Thus people take break from their work and plan holidays and visit area away from their work and social life for various purposes.Another more detail attempt to define ecotourism by (Fennell 2000) is by the way the action conforms to certain principles of ecotourism: (1) it occurs in a unique natural resource, (2) it attracts a unique clientele, (3) it is a responsible use of natural resources, (4) it provides for economic support for resource conservation, (5) it provides for economic advantages over other uses, and (6) it directs economic assistance to the local economy.Fennell defines ecotourism as humanity's most ecologically sound form of tourism.Madhya Pradesh is home to major private infrastructure players, such as Essar, Jaypee Group and Reliance.The state is ranked amongst the top four states of the country for industrial investments.(iv) Government should arrange the educational programmes for children and young people to enhance awareness about nature conservation and sustainable use.(v) Government should lay emphasis on building local capacity and enhancing local benefits. A, Associate Professor and Vice-Principal, HOD of Department of Economics, K. Everyone is a stakeholder in the process and we clearly need to avoid our past shortcomings and negative impact that they have had. To Study the regulatory framework of ecotourism by madhyapradesh government. To study the do’s and don’ts while touring any area. Madhya Pradesh, in its present form, came into existence on November 1, 2000, following its bifurcation to create the new state of Chhattisgarh. 1.1 Aware of the Environment - Today the "Green Laws" of conservation are making people aware of how man and the environment can live symbiotically for more time to come and eco-tourism is the only way to maximize the economic, environmental and social benefits of tourism. The study will benefit the states with good people who are aware of their duties regarding eco tourism and it will hamper less to environment and habitat which further help the government for sustainable development of tourism.


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