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Chopin soon began studying the theory of music, figured bass and composition at the Warsaw High School of Music, which was both part of the Conservatory and, at the same time, connected with Warsaw University. During this period of time, Frederic composed a series of extended works, and after the third year of his studies Elsner wrote in a report: “Chopin, Frederic, third year student, amazing talent, musical genius”.After completing his studies, Chopin planned a longer stay abroad to become acquainted with the musical life of Europe and to win fame.Chopin became well acquainted with the folk music of the Polish plains in its authentic form, with its distinct tonality, richness of rhythms and dance vigor. Aware of the exceptional nature of Chopin’s talent, Elsner allowed him, in accordance with his personality and temperament, to concentrate on piano music but was unbending as regards theoretical subjects, in particular counterpoint.

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rtnerthortheater, where Chopin played the Concerto in E minor. Strong and dramatic emotional experiences inspired the creative imagination of the composer, probably accelerating the emergence of a new, individual style, quite different from his previous brilliant style.

The new works, which revealed force and passion, included the sketch of the Scherzo in B minor and, above all, the powerful Etudes.

Here he learnt about the dramatic collapse of the November Uprising and the capture of Warsaw by the Russians.

His reaction to this news assumed the form of a fever and nervous crisis.

This was the first publication of a Chopin composition abroad, for up to then, his works had only been published in Warsaw.

Upon his return to Warsaw, Chopin, already free from student duties, devoted himself to composition and wrote, among other pieces, two Concertos for piano and orchestra: in F minor and E minor.

rtnertortheater, where, accompanied by an orchestra, he played Variations and the Rondo ?

la Krakowiak, as well as performing improvisations.

He spent his summer holidays in estates belonging to the parents of his school friends in various parts of the country.

The young composer listened to and noted down the texts of folk songs, took part in peasant weddings and harvest festivities, danced, and played a folk instrument resembling a double bass with the village musicians; all of which he described in his letters.


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