Essay On Gnh Of Bhutan

Likewise, the Genuine Progress Index pioneered here in Nova Scotia is a noteworthy measure of true human advancement.

Equally, there are other institutions and individuals, both in North America and Europe, who are doing similar work.

Enlightening the inner self or human nature became a far greater task than taming nature and manipulating the world for personal or even national gain.

This helps explain why the Bhutanese should, in general, have a pre-disposition towards a more holistic, unconventional approach to development which recognizes happiness as the primary and perhaps, only purpose of development.

Our King was clear that happiness is the ultimate end desired, but not necessarily pursued by every Bhutanese and indeed, every human being.

Essay On Gnh Of Bhutan

All else for which we labour are but means to fulfilling this wish.

A Buddhist equivalent of a ‘Social Contract’ declared in Bhutan in 1675 states that happiness of all sentient beings and the teachings of the Buddha are mutually dependent.

The legal code of 1729 further requires that laws must promote happiness of sentient beings.

It is heartening to observe that toward the end of the last century and at the beginning of this millennium, the reflective and the analytical across all sections of society are seeing the need to search for a clearer purpose and a more rational approach to development.

There is a growing level of dissatisfaction with the way in which human society is being propelled without a clear and meaningful direction by the force of its own actions.


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