Essay On Importance Of Education In Sanskrit

Obviously, in order to understand what we are and how we live today, we have to study the past in a critical and comprehensive fashion.

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Japan, for example, is now running a large and comprehensive Government sponsored program, the "Reconstitution of Classics" (which includes all the classical cultures from Rome to Japan) *** he Japanese have done that for a good reason.

Contemporary people usually forget that wherever we look, we are surrounded by our past: by ancient buildings, rituals, music, and even everyday customs (such as, in India, the habit of women eating only after the men have finished, a custom already attested in the early Yajurveda).

This began with the Persians and various Central Asian steppe peoples.

But, both cultures have managed to keep their inherent structure intact, modified as it may have been by each encounter.

Like some other great civilizations such as those of China, Japan or Europe, Indian culture can look back to several thousands years of continuity.

Other early civilizations, such as those of Old Egypt and Mesopotamia have undergone great changes, starting with the influence of the ancient Persians and Greeks and then notably Islam -- changes that have largely overlaid the old indigenous foundations as to render them almost invisible.In both Asian subcontinents, the European and the Indian, the classical languages also have a number of other functions.Importantly, they provide building blocks for forming neologisms for new inventions, such as television, exactly copied as dura-darshana 'far-seeing' in Sanskrit, Hindi, etc.In fact, there has been a secret Sanskritization of all languages of the Indian Union since independence.At that time some scholars, such as Raghu Vira, strove to have Sanskrit instituted as the national language.The man in the street in Mathura, Chennai or Gopalpur village looks at the world in a way markedly different from that of a trader of the Gupta period or a Panjab Vaishya of Rigvedic times.Both China and India have also kept their old language and literature intact, in differing ways and for different historical reasons.Even in communist China, Mao wrote classically inspired poems which were prominently posted.Not to speak about other countries with a deep appreciation, indeed a love of their past, such as Japan, Israel, Greece or Italy.Sanskrit, though a classical language, is still alive, in a fashion: it is not quite as "dead" as Latin in the west, where only catholic priests occasionally still converse in it and regularly broadcast it from the Vatican.Publishing in Latin had definitely ceased by 1900 CE.


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