Essay On Importance Of School In Child'S Life

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REMEMBER: Even if you have mastered a great deal of what is described in this article, you can take advantage of a single sentence and update yourself.As we said at the beginning: Education is a life-long process.Therefore, from school and lectures, cooling, lack of interest, escaping and as a result academic failures can occur.

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We have prepared an article that includes important details that should be read by everyone who cares about education. All of the general and personalized learning-teaching processes that teach people the art of living in the best way is called education.

The training aims to change the behaviour of the individual in a deliberate manner and for a purpose according to the pre-determined principles.

In order to increase the individual and social life quality, all human beings need education from the very first time they come to the world.

Even though people can improve themselves, they definitely need someone else to get an education.

So we can address the importance of family in education and educated child rearing.

Intelligence is not the only factor influencing success in education!The fact that technology is developing at untraceable speed has made us witness the great changes in a short time.Years ago, we couldn't imagine that technologies such as smartphones and tablets could be produced.On the contrary, it is known that children with problems have failed in school life.Children with personality and behaviour disorders can have adaptation problems when they start school.In the preschool period, the education and interest of the child from the family is of high importance.The positive attitudes of the family in the 0-6-year-old preschool period and the conscious raising of their children turn into a sustainable success in the school period.What is important is the ability to use intelligence in the right jobs, effectively.At this stage, the personality traits and habits of the individual come into play. Studies show very clearly that 65% of the children's personality development is in the 0-6 age range.The transfer of human beings from the caves to the plazas, from a small piece of land to the whole world, and even to go into space is the result of education.Keeping up with the educational processes that will never come to an end as both individually and globally is a human responsibility and even a necessity.


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