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Keats begins stanza 2 by creating a sense of visual imagery within the reader.He does this using the phrases ‘Thee sitting careless on a granary floor’ and ‘Hair soft lifted’.One set of contrasts is that of augmentative and terminative meanings.

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Onomatopoeia and alliteration are exemplified in the following line, "Thy hair soft lifted by the winnowing wind" (Keats 872).

In addition to the pattern of lyrical description throughout the entire poem, is the pattern of contrasts (Moser).

The alliteration in the line "mists and mellow" adds to the calming imagery represented in this poem. Another example of alliteration is "winnowing wind".

This example also creates a melodious and peaceful timbre, which emphasises the closeness and the love that the persona is having with nature in this poem. The visual and tactile imagery in this poem is very intimate and creates a very relaxed tone.

Keats uses stanza 3 for the sense of Aural Imagery towards the…

Analysis and commentary of To Autumn by John Keats In ‘To Autumn', a superficial reading would suggest that John Keats writes about a typical day of this season, describing all kind of colourful and detailed images.

"Thy hair soft-lifted by the winnowing wind" is an example of this visual imagery which sets the scene of this poem while also emphasising the gentle nature of this composition through descriptive words such as "soft-lifted" which gives the poem a calm tone while emphasising and describing the personas ideas of nature.

English: Alexander Blok's poem 'Noch, ulica, fonar, apteka' on a wall in the Dutch city of Leiden (corner Roodenburgerstraat/Thorbeckestraat) by Wikipedia.

The poem utilizes many tactile words and phrases, as well as visual and auditory terms.

Keats uses terms such as "mellow," "plump," "clammy," "mists," "sun," "moss'd cottage trees, ""wailful," and "loud bleat" (Keats 872).


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