Essay On Pros And Cons Of Social Networking Sites

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Social media is detrimental to face-to-face interaction.

It’s hard not to be concerned when you see a group of people sitting together, each engrossed in his or her own smartphone or i Pad constantly scrolling through their news feed.

Online support offers certain advantages that make it attractive to individuals who might not otherwise seek help, for example: The internet and social media boost productivity.

These tools offer more information— including real-time news—than a library full of encyclopedias, and the information’s accessible at any time of day or night.

Research shows that people who get support from peers (those struggling with the same problems) have better health outcomes, whether they have a physical condition like diabetes or a psychological one like depression.

Internet support groups, discussion boards, blogs, and other social media platforms have significantly enhanced the resources for individuals wrestling with mental health, behavioral, and/or addiction issues.It’s easy to forget that social media posts, like photos of air-brushed models in magazines, can present an idealized, heavily edited version of what’s actually going on.In addition, some determine their self-worth based on their number of Facebook friends or how many likes, shares, or other interactions they receive.It allows unreliable/false information as well as indiscreet remarks and photos to spread quickly.Once something’s out there, you can’t take it back. David Buch, Chief Medical Officer of Carrier Clinic® (a Central Jersey behavioral health center), sums up: Ultimately, whether social media is “good” or “bad”/“healthy” or “unhealthy” for a person’s mental health and well-being is directly related to how they are used (or abused), by whom, and to some degree by who is passing judgment.Improving communication and strengthening human connection is the reason social media emerged.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, chat groups, Linked In, and countless other social networking sites help people build on existing relationships, make new friends, and reinvigorate relationships that have lapsed over time.By simply creating and maintaining a Facebook account they can reach a wider audience, perform better customer service, share press releases and other company news, connect with job seekers, and more.The very same attributes that make social media a positive force in our lives make it potentially dangerous. This is especially problematic for teens, as bullies can target and prey on vulnerable high school peers without taking personal responsibility.Young people also are impressionable, eager for acceptance, and relatively inexperienced, which can cloud judgment.Most adults today remember what life was like before the internet, social media, and mobile devices so it’s easier to step away from them.


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