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-Ismail Sarageldin, author and founding director of the new Library of Alexandria The silver lining among the clouds cast by the bottled water industry is that there is a precedent for small towns successfully resisting bottled water manufacturers.Among the winners, we have Concord, Massachusetts banning the sale of water bottles in 2013, and Mc Cloud, CA successfully fending off Nestlé in 2009.

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As the truly horrific implications of ACD (also referred to as abrupt climate disruption) slowly dawn on and wash over human consciousness—another immediate and insidious water-related threat is emerging.

Due to governmental incompetence or misguided budget allocations (to be charitable) related to public water infrastructure in the U.

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In April 2014, the unelected official appointed by Governor Rick Snyder, the Republican head of the state of Michigan, decided, in an apparent cost-cutting move, to change the source of Flint’s drinking water from Lake Huron, which it had been receiving through Detroit for fifty years.

Unfortunately, the new source was the polluted Flint River, long contaminated from industrial run-off and sewage.

Switzerland-based Nestlé is the largest food and beverage products company in the world and also boasts the largest share of the market in bottled water in the U. Among its many dubious practices through the years, Nestlé was found in 2015 to have been extracting water for bottling from the national forest near San Bernardino, California under the provisions of a permit that expired in 1988. In fact, droughts lead to greater reliance on groundwater in aquifers, levels of which are falling throughout the U. Nestlé’s Arrowhead as well as Crystal Geyser labels bottle water extracted from the groundwater in various locations, and Aquafina (a Pepsi brand) and Dasani (a Coca-Cola brand) re-treat tap water, also from drought-stricken California.

Bottled water, which is often repackaged or re-treated tap water that poses unclear health risks due to leaching from its container, requires millions of barrels of oil to produce the plastic for its containers—precious little of which is recycled—thus leading to tons of additional plastic in the waste stream further amplifying its significant environmental toll.

However, some circumstances undermine this crucial cause. Once a potent force in the automobile manufacturing industry, Flint, Michigan, suffered hard times when General Motors (GM) closed its factories there in the 1980s.

With economic and cultural effects lingering for decades, its leadership in 2011 was replaced by a state-appointed emergency manager.


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