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So why the top-of-the-charts durability from all the way back then until now?Well, the story is certainly tightly constructed and masterfully executed.As such, the reader gets yanked deep into the tale from the start, with no letup through the entire reading experience.

To me, it's the underlying thesis about the strange inequities of law and punishment that provides the depth, texture, and provocation that imbue , and thus is more in the nature of the novel's premise than its reveals.

Below, however, are some details you do NOT want to know before you have read or at least viewed the 1945 film version of Christie's masterpiece.

Down a notch, class-wise, are the pedigreed spinster, the games mistress, and the freelance mercenary.

Working class members of the party include an ex-cop along with the butler and housekeeper.

There were too many other exciting ways to absorb stories—including the endless escapades he would make up himself—so what was magical about reading?

He rejected TV on the same basis, so points for the kid there.At first glance, in fact, it appears that Christie has corralled a fairly standard version of her usual cast of English country house suspects for a weekend of iced cocktails and warm corpses.There are the stuffy upper-crusters: a hanging judge, a Harley Street doctor, a slick young swell, and an ex-General.That night, I started reading Agatha Christie's to him. I mean, aside from the regularity of the killings, there's that revelation near the end that's kind of brutal….But I went ahead, and he loved every non-explicit grisly bit of it. , a title then considered acceptable in its native England.Somehow, the qualities that have subjected Christie's work to some level of scorn among literary critics do not dent the artistry and effectiveness of this star among whodunits.I've reflected on this over the years, and recently, while preparing for a symposium at which I'll talk about the role of law in noir (my second novel, , is about to come out, making me a crime fiction “expert” invited to “speaking engagements”), I got in touch with the feature of Christie's most riveting novel that I believe has earned it the mystery-reading community's undying respect.This is an interesting category of vigilante victim for Christie's secret killer, for sure, but perhaps not the most profoundly troubling.A second group of supposed capital offenders Christie gathers for her weekend slaughter-fest are those who purposely or recklessly breached a professional duty, resulting in the death of one or more innocents.It's a lesson in which crime fiction readers are well versed.And as far as the originality of a moral study about the wrongness of righting wrongs with more wrongs, vigilantism as a motivator has been a standard of stories both highbrow and pulp since above its rivals.


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