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FEMA wrote a great article on heavy rain flood risks If you lived in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas in May of 2015, then most of you will remember the record rains we got during that month and into the month of June and the entire basement flooding’s that were the result of the record setting rains we received.Therefore, I am confident in my ability to provide you with professional and knowledgeable proofreading and editing. Hons in English and American Literature, Brandeis University Proofreading Fields/Specialties: I proofread papers from numerous fields: Electrical, Chemical, and Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Engineering Science, IIM, IT, Business & Management, Computer Science, Medical, Biotech, Creative Design, Humanities, and others.While proofing your paper, I will check for spelling, punctuation, and obvious grammatical errors. Proofreading Approach: At a basic level I look for grammatical and spelling errors, but I also make sure the content can be understood, and that it is readable.I will also make suggestions for contextual changes. If some things are unclear then I may ask the author to explain them again, and we will work together to improve the writing.While editing, I will go beyond basic proofreading corrections. Proofreading/Teaching Experiences: I have taught English as a second language both in Asia and America since 2003 at every level.I check questionable terminology; however, you should know the terminology for your field of study.If you’re a student based in Canada or Asia, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of online essay writing services.One editor at the Toronto Star took matters into his own hands last year when the newspaper announced that they would be outsourcing over 100 sub-editing, proofreading and editing jobs.Here was his response to the internal memo announcing the planned job cuts: If there was one method of demonstrating how skilled and important editors are, then that was it!When choosing the best writing service for you, here are some key aspects to consider; Choosing the most suitable essay writing service for you may seem like a daunting, if not overwhelming, task but it doesn’t have to be this way.Using, you can quickly and easily filter through the best of the best, enabling you to quickly make your decision when it comes to getting your essays completed on time and to the highest quality.


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