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“Cleaning Up” begins with Loretta, then 13, observing at scene at church in which her mother is scantily clad and screaming obscenities.She is subsequently arrested, and sent to live with fellow parishioners (the Lavin family) for six weeks.The mother/daughter relationship amongst different people can be the same, but also very different.

Like Loretta, Gordon never let her problems with her mother (or her father) get in her way. “Simulation and the Authentic Self: Issues of Identity in Works by Flannery O’Connor and Mary Gordon,” Flannery O’Connor Review 3 (2005): 39-48.

She saw those relationships as obstacles to be overcome. (“Mother daughter relationship in Mary Gordon's Cleaning Up (short Essay”, n.d.) Retrieved from “Mother Daughter Relationship in Mary Gordon' S Cleaning Up (short Essay”, n.d. Comparing ‘Only Daughter’ and ‘Mother Tongue’ In a way it may be observed that though Amy Tan and Sandra Cisneros havehad distinct origins in terms of nationality, culture, language, and general environment in which they were brought up, the readers of ‘Mother Tongue’ and ‘Only Daughter’ by the respective authors may recognize significant points of similarity.

She is convinced that her mother’s actions caused Martine Lavin, the matriarch of the family, and other community members to see her as an inferior person.

Later, when she becomes a well-educated woman, she still feels that her old community would condemn her because of her mother’s earlier behavior.

Finally, Loretta’s work ethic is similar to Gordon’s.

Gordon worked to support herself, just like Loretta. Nunez ENC11026 February 2003Mother Daughter Relationships What is the "mother-daughter" relationship?I have no direct information on this because I am not a daughter.Suzette also appears to know what her mother does in her everyday life, and with this information she embraces her mother with kindness and love.For instance, she knows that her mother shouldn't eat anything with sodium because, "she has to be careful with her heart, this day woman." Another similarity would be that the cultures of both mothers are held strongly with them, but not as...and Number Due Mary Gordon and the Mother/Daughter Relationship Although it is not one of her most mentioned stories, Mary Gordon’s “Cleaning Up” highlights the relationship between a daughter and her mentally unbalanced mother.The messages in the story are clear: never feel sorry for yourself and love your mother no matter what.Loretta’s pre-college schooling is better than what Gordon was provided, but both earn a Master’s degree and use it to teach. According to an Internet biography, Gordon received the same kind of influence from Elizabeth Hardwick and Janice Thaddeus.Gordon actually considered becoming a nun, a lifestyle that Loretta also briefly contemplates.The fact that Loretta strives as hard as her mother would have wanted her to, makes it clear that Loretta loved her mother despite the turmoil she’d created.Even though Loretta never saw her mother again, she thinks about her.


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